Facebook Live Is Here – Are You Using It?

Facebook is known to be a highly popular and successful social media network that connects billions of web users daily. It is not surprising then for companies, big or small, to tap on Facebook for more effective and efficient marketing strategies from its vast array of dynamic engagement or communication features; one of which is Facebook Live.

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Changing Times for Digital Marketing Services Companies

The market is an ever-changing landscape for businesses that undergo emerging technologies, particularly digital technology, which brings about more sophisticated and advanced tools for marketing. Online marketing is gaining high momentum with faster and better products and services provided by entrepreneurs and large companies via digital marketing.

Changing market trends can impact consumer behavior, especially buying habits which can affect the market position and financial standing of companies, big and small. Digital marketing services are also affected as companies change their forms of marketing such as pulling out of YouTube advertising which causes the huge decrease in income.[...] read more here

5 Competent Means To Manipulate SEO of Shopping Sites For Conversions

Modern businesses today are continually seeking competent means to market themselves and brands to win over more potential business leads. They could spend months in developing and enhancing customized online sites with a thorough consideration of every possible marketing feature. However, success may not be guaranteed.

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7 Steps to Automate Your Online Business and Increase Sales

Modern entrepreneurs today must be passionate about their personal business venture to succeed as aspiring business owners or marketers. There must be visible and quantifiable impact on personal life and society at large through the active involvement in the marketplace.

Creativity is a key component for passion and success with modern entrepreneurs. There are 7 steps in which entrepreneurs could take on in automating their online business for higher sales as well as simplify operations.[...] read more here

BOTS – Companion of a Modern Revenue Manager

As technology advances in this era, a host of automation and sophisticated solutions has emerged for businesses to leverage on in their quest for better business opportunities. In this aspect, bots have established themselves to be an integral component of web consumers and online businesses in daily living.

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