Why Is the Backlink Audit Critical for SEO Success?

There are many essentials which a website may need to consider for SEO success. Many website owners or webmasters may think that a well-designed website suffices to win more traffic to their site for more conversions and sales. A website may even be optimized to win the favor of top search engines like Google where a higher page ranking is accorded to draw in preferred organic traffic.

A dynamic website may post relevant and value-added contents which contain solutions and useful information for web readers. The webmaster may be experienced and skilled in deploying relevant website audit tools that would ensure a strong show when Google or other popular search engines run through for indexing. However, things may not be as rosy as it seems for the best of traffic and SEO success on a website as the market competition intensifies.

Backlinks Dynamics

A dynamic website should include backlinks for the proper generation of web traffic to boost the market presence of the brand or business. Link building is an essential marketing tool which marketers and business owners need to implement proactively to enjoy more traffic to the site.

However, backlinks are even more effective in drawing better traffic when these are deployed properly. Some business owners and webmasters may even deploy third party SEO services without considering the proper inclusion of back links in their marketing portfolio. This may backfire on them when it comes to a proper review of their website which could face a penalty without a proper backlink audit.

A backlink is a significant marketing tactic for SEO which augurs well with search engines for high page rankings. Top search engines like Google keep changing their search algorithms to focus on backlinks and their deployment in any site to award higher page rankings. However, there are bogus SEO service providers who generated fake blogs or web pages with links to clients. This results in a spike of backlinks in the Private Blog Network for websites where inaccurate information on the web is generated to mislead many innocent web users and even Google.

Backlink Audits

It is not surprising then for top search engines like Google to be more stringent in their search algorithms, particularly the indexing and evaluation processes where every backlink is stringently screened and confirmed as genuine links. The huge spam of backlinks caused Google to implement filters with refinements to screen backlinks to be genuine before getting a good ranking.

Now, only genuine, reputed sites should generate backlinks to targeted sites to prove the authenticity of the sites to be warranted a high SERP listing. This step causes business marketers and webmasters to be more careful in deploying backlinks which should be genuine and excellent in quality without spamming other sites with quantity.

The poor use of backlinks would backfire on the business as Google is now able to identify genuine links from fake and poor quality ones. A fine or penalty could be imposed by Google when poor backlinks are implemented as a spam activity by the site. A detrimental penalty would be a de-ranking of the site while a worst case scenario would be a blocking of the site by Google. These are serious repercussions on bad backlinks application as backlink popularity on a site accounts for 22% of the ranking number.


Google audits backlinks meticulously to check if the links are shady or irrelevant coming from disrepute sites. The index rank of the website could be adversely affected. If Google is dissatisfied with the backlink quality and poor application, the site could be placed on a ‘Manual Action Penalty’ where a demotion is imposed on the website. This could include the removal of several affected pages where the backlinks are prevalent. The entire site could also be closed or blocked temporarily to prevent traffic from flowing through. A business site that gets blocked or closed by Google tends to suffer great losses; these include damaged market reputation, lower organic traffic and sales as well as higher conversion losses.

Any site that is hit by a penalty from Google would suffer much loss as traffic would naturally deteriorate without further notice. The site requires special tools to track and monitor the penalty in order to understand the current situation as Google would not provide any notification or explanation on its course of stern action. It could be too late for any business to realize the penalty imposed by Google and take appropriate counter action for recuperation or preventive actions.

Hence, smart business owners and marketers as well as webmasters need to be wise in the implementation of backlinks, especially if they are trying to jump the queue with spam backlinking practices. Some may even have rigged comments and reviews on blogs or websites to be favorable to enjoy more traffic while others may wrap their URLs with crappy backlinks trying to lure targeted audiences to their sites.

Backlink Portfolio

It could be possible that business owners and marketers could be duped into shady SEO companies which offer backlinks in their marketing strategies but activated poor backlinks through bad SEO techniques. This is where a proper backlink portfolio is necessary to prevent a falling out with Google and other search engines that are exercising sharp evaluations of backlinks in websites.

White-hat SEO techniques and tactics should be practiced consistently to prevent a bad evaluation of backlinks in websites by Google. Business owners and marketers need to scrutinize their sources of SEO deployment to avoid getting into the bad books of Google through quick and shady sources on backlinking. There should be some intensive market research and understanding of marketing tools and domain metrics which may cause trouble for the brand or company.

Business owners and marketers could also execute a competitor backlink analysis where several websites could be evaluated and compared via an appropriate SEO audit tool. The report would display how one website is performing against others in the market. Business owners and marketers would be given an idea on how their website is performing in the market.