How Can I Best Use Pinterest For My Business?

Social media are known to be popular platforms for online marketing in this era. The progressive development of digital technology plays an important role in this arena. Many social media networks like Pinterest have been highly successful in attracting millions of potential business leads to boost business growth.

Pinterest for Marketing
Pinterest is a growing social media network that has attracted millions of web users who are fans and followers on appealing and intriguing images. It boasts of more than 150 million users of all demographics to attract businesses in manipulating Pinterest for their marketing endeavors. This social media channel has been proven to offer businesses seeking organic traffic, which could be converted to potential customers through the best marketing strategies.

When the right information about Pinterest is deployed aptly in any marketing endeavor, entrepreneurs and bloggers are able to extend their businesses to a global level quickly. It is easy to manipulate Pinterest in online marketing strategies as its functions are similar to a digital message board. Web users need only to post or “pin” pictures or images onto the social media network board generated.

Every board could be targeted on a specific subject or topic as determined by the creator; the images or pictures are known as “pins” which would be categorized as one topic of interest which could lure potential business leads having similar interests. Business owners or marketers could be as creative as they want to display their best product images on Pinterest that would lure more market attention.

Scaling of Images
One of the ways in which Pinterest could boost business branding or reputation is its dynamic feature of scaling pin images automatically. The social media network offers to upload the identified image at a specific width with a flexible height determined by the author.

Usually, the taller images on Pinterest tend to be more prominent in a display; hence, these are more likely to attract the attention of web visitors. A bigger or taller image tends to be more outstanding to catch the attention of viewers. The image looks better and more attractive to be viewed with a wider content size. Hence, taller vertical pins offer better performance on Pinterest for businesses that want to captivate a wider market audience for higher business outcomes.

Multiple Images
Another dynamic Pinterest feature that boosts online marketing for businesses is to post many images of the same product to be promoted. The targeted product could be displayed in multiple pictures at different angles or sizes for a clearer and more attractive view that could stir the interest of viewers.

Multiple images are very effective in convincing potential customers of the product which can be viewed in various manners; this offers added value to the pin that could convert potential leads into buyers.

This is also an economical use of the pin which offers several displays of the product to be promoted. There is a higher chance of engaging targets web users with multiple images that would be more appealing. This is not difficult with the myriad of dynamic free image tools available in the market in creating multiple facets or sizes of the product for the best images to be posted.

Text with Images
Many images pinned on Pinterest are merely visuals which may convey different meanings to different viewers. These images could be viewed as attractive illustrations without conveying the right marketing message to compel viewers to the right or desired call-to-action response. This would defeat the purpose of manipulating Pinterest as a dynamic marketing platform for businesses to boost sales and profits.

Images with text are clearer in a marketing context where potential business leads are able to understand the business message quickly. This could lead to a more favorable purchase decision as more information regarding the product or company is available. The product image stands out better with some text; this is revealed in market research where greater consumer engagement is activated.

Text on images could be descriptions of the product or company which could provide more useful information for viewers before making the decision to support the brand or company. This saves viewers’ time without having to search for more information before making a purchase decision.

Image text should be limited to 200-300 characters or about 50 words on Pinterest image posting. Keywords or keyword phrases should be included with pin text descriptions for better online searches.

Light Colored Images
Images or pictures on Pinterest tend to attract more attention, but the type of images or pictures is another important factor to draw in the desired viewers. Research reveals a preference for lighter colored images which are often re-pinned over darker images. Moreover, red tones images pose a higher re-pin rate than blue images.

However, extreme colors such as very dark or very light on pictures or images tend to be sidelined on Pinterest with less user engagements. Modest coloring seems to be more appealing to web viewers.

Inclusion of Keywords
Last but not least is the inclusion of keywords on images or pictures pinned on Pinterest. It is highly recommended that good keywords are applied with promoted pins or ads on this social media platform. Main keywords or keyword phrases especially long-tail keywords between 20 and 30 words should be included with a pin page for attracting the right crowd to make the desired business decision.

Good keywords relate to the image or picture that helps viewers appreciate the product promoted. Business owners and marketers need to select the best of keywords or keyword phrases which are relevant to the product to attract targeted audiences.

Pinterest is now recognized as a major player in social media communities. Google is also tracking the attention heaped onto Pinterest which means a higher chance of recognition by the search engine to enjoy higher page rankings if the right factors are applied on images or pictures pinned at Pinterest.

This would lead to higher organic targeted traffic desired by businesses to a get boost in the market.