5 Underlying eCommerce Technology Trends Arriving in Near Future

As technology progresses in this era, eCommerce is likely to capture many consumers and businesses with more dynamic marketing features. This could be a prominent market trend that would take the business world by storm. There would be further innovations that would benefit consumers and businesses to set new market trends.

Leveraging on eCommerce

Companies in the market need to be constantly alert to potential marketing leverages to propel their brand and business in the marketplace through the latest technologies. eCommerce is likely to hold a strong position in the market with its ever evolving nature to offer greater marketing dynamics for many businesses in a wide range of industries.

Better online customer experience is expected through eCommerce marketing where greater sales conversions are identified. Business owners and marketers are continuously planning to enhance customer services and satisfaction through value-added products and brand identification using advanced digital technologies. This leads to the implementation of responsive websites and vibrant apps which are geared towards better business growth.

Businesses should stay alert to major trends arising in the market that includes eCommerce marketing influence via eCommence technology.

1) Beacon Technology

Beacon has made an impact on the market as a versatile technology using diverse implementation tools that include different brick-and-mortar storefronts to offer relevant product information or offers in an appealing or attractive manner. This is effective in gaining favor among online businesses for more business transactions.

Beacon technology is frequently applied in sending out personalized offers that target registered subscribers via mobile phones. The rise of mobile technology offers a dynamic marketing platform which could identify the customer’s location data to lure relevant consumers to the special offers.

The technology is quick and efficient in assimilating the necessary consumer data to attract targeted consumers to the storefront with a quick notification. This is highly effective in drawing consumers who are in the vicinity to check out the special offers.

2) Artificial Intelligence

The world of eCommerce is greatly enhanced in sophistication through the dynamic manipulation of artificial intelligence (AI). Modern retailers are quickly scrambling to embrace this vibrant technology that is boosting the digital world today. Artificial intelligence offers many dynamic marketing features to manipulate customer data which includes marketing and behavioral preferences.

AI is highly effective in keeping track of every web visitor who is a potential business customer. Smart business owners are creating vibrant marketing campaigns which are targeted at preferred markets in promoting their brand and products. AI tools and solutions are capable of perceiving and capturing user emotions which business owners or marketers could design and develop effective marketing campaigns to win them over through efficient marketing strategies.

Business marketing campaigns would be more effective through AI solutions where apt call-to-action responses are activated by targeted customers as attractive offers entice consumers based on their needs in every customer segment. Such consumers are also provided with enhanced online shopping experiences that would jack up sales to boost business bottom lines.

3) Social Media Purchases

Social media is a very important marketing tool today in the ever growing impact digital technology has in the market. Business owners and marketers are leveraging on eCommerce technology to take advantage of social media networks which have millions of subscribers. Popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are highly effective for businesses to draw in their preferred niche markets.

These social media networks serve to be convenient marketing platforms in promoting and marketing the business brand or company effectively and efficiently. Brand building is easily established with social account pages generating attractive Direct Purchase features to targeted consumers.

Sales are quickly rising through popular social media platforms if businesses are quick in leveraging their social and communication features in marketing and promoting the brand and products or services. Advanced integrations via eCommerce features are readily available in directing target users to the website where further information about the product or services could be viewed. This would quicken the decision making of web consumers for the business to enjoy more sales and profits.

4) Human Voice Integrations

Many modern consumers still prefer to speak out their orders when it comes to making a purchase. This may be in line with the growing eminence of mobile technology and mobile devices which allow consumers to enjoy ‘hands-free’ operations. Voice integrations or voice activations offer consumers a more realistic shopping experience as they would at a physical store.

Hence, eCommerce technology brings on dynamic chatbots using the voice feature where a human voice comes on to assist any purchase online. This is a very attractive eCommerce and mCommerce app option for busy consumers who want to speak out their purchase orders instead of typing in. This is indeed a totally new way of online interaction between consumers and retailers.

Such an AI based concept is likely to become more popular as eCommerce technology continues its upward momentum in the market where more tech-savvy consumers manipulate this feature more frequently.

5) Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented reality technology proves to be a strong factor in boosting the position of eCommerce in modern businesses today. This type of technology is very popular in online gaming, but businesses are quick to catch on the distinguished features for their marketing purposes. AR technology is likely to open up more business opportunities for business owners and marketers through customized eCommerce apps which are readily accessible by consumers.

Modern consumers would respond well to sites which offer dynamic in-store, online shopping experience where their images are displayed on virtual screens such as mobile devices. Mobile consumers are able to visualize the product before purchase. This could boost business sales and profits readily.


Advanced technologies are likely to propel eCommerce marketing more forcefully with modern consumers opting for more sophisticated and vibrant digital experiences as they shop online. Merchants need to stay alert to the market trends and consumer demands to come up with more vibrant marketing strategies that would boost their sales.

It is noted that changing market trends that include eCommerce technology offer businesses more advantages to stay innovative and competitive.