5 Internet Marketing Tactics Used By The Big Boys

5 Internet Marketing Tactics Used By The Big Boys

The market has certainly changed over the decade under the impact of digital technologies that keep evolving with time. One of the more popular forms of marketing today to win over targeted customers is Internet marketing. This is a highly favored marketing process for encouraging more sales to generate income on the web.

Any new or small online business may use this form of marketing to procure the attention and support of targeted customers and become competitive in the market, although many may think that the market is dominated by bigger players or the ‘big boys’ with thousands of dollars to spend on dynamic marketing. But there is a simple and effective way to compete with the big boys without incurring high cost or effort. The same Internet marketing tactics could be deployed to achieve the same effects at the end of the day.

  • Sticking to One Brand

One of the easiest route to Internet marketing success is to stick to one brand which efforts are concentrated on. This would give business owners and marketers a strong focus on their marketing direction to achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

An effective marketing strategy is to be consistent with the brand and its presentation at all times whether online or offline. The smart business owner or marketer does not reinvent the wheel with recreating the brand to be noticed on various social media sites. A consistent brand image is crucial for a clear identification of the business and company.

Every marketing platform for the business is a golden opportunity in promoting the brand when the right marketing features are deployed aptly. Hence, the brand logo should have consistent colors, ideals and values across all marketing platforms to communicate effectively to targeted audiences. This is very useful to all potential business leads and customers who need to identify the business through the brand which is consistently displayed on all channels or marketing platforms.

  • Checking Competitors

Every business has competitors despite their size or establishment in the market. The big boys in the market became strong in their positions because they were acutely aware of their competition and worked towards excellence via appropriate marketing strategies. New and small businesses also need to emulate the big boys to rise to their level.

Big companies are always tracking their competitors to stay ahead of the game as competition increases intensely in the market. Although businesses need not, and should not, be copying their competitors’ tactics, it is necessary to note the marketing strategies which put them forward. Hence, businesses that take note of how their competitors handle promoting their products and services would always be having an added advantage to stay relevant in the marketplace for a long time.

  • Goal Settings

Goal setting is an important activity for all businesses, big or small. Different businesses will have different goals depending on their business targets and budgets. It is crucial for every business to set clear achievable goals to guide it through the storms of life and stay relevant in the marketplace.

Every time, a new campaign is implemented online, the business must have a clear objective to ensure success. Every business owner, marketer and worker must cooperate and have ownership of the set goals that would distinguish the business from others in the marketplace. Hence, businesses that plan their goals well to facilitate effective Internet marketing endeavors.

Well-set goals could impact sales quantum and conversion rates, which in turn churn out extra traffic and boost business image or reputation in the market. Good goals could develop the brand positively, especially if goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

  • Benefits Over Features

Every product or service offers specific features which help promotion but discerning customers today prefer to know the benefits of the product or service rather than just the available features. Good features of a product or service may not necessarily be useful to the customer to prompt a purchase.

A product or service that offers benefits when it is used or owned by the customer would be more appreciated with referred and repeat sales. The business owner or marketer needs to identify the benefits of the product or service to be promoted and market these in an attractive manner to targeted audiences for more sales and profits.

Every aspect of effective and efficient Internet marketing campaign must focus on the benefits of the promoted product or service to draw the attention of targeted audiences to the business shores. This could be displayed on the website, particularly at the “About us” page where potential business leads could read and confirm the product or service that would satisfy their needs and solve their problems.

  • Value Added

It is necessary for a business to be growing; this is how big boys or big players in the market are established. If small businesses are not ambitious, they might be left behind by the growing number of competitors in the market. Growth of a business can only happen if there is value added to the products or services offered to targeted customers.

This is where small businesses could have an added advantage to compete with the big boys in the market. It is possible for them to grow into big boys in the industry when they add on value to their products or services. No consumer today would buy a mediocre or common item that does not offer more than another retailer. Many are willing to pay a little more for the extra value in the product or service which is of benefit to them.


These Internet marketing tactics are highly effective for small businesses to grow into the big shoes which big players wear. When appropriate marketing techniques are deployed by a business or a company, good business results can be expected. This includes more traffic and higher conversion rates from targeted audiences to boost sales and profits.

A business must remember that traffic is its lifeline of survival in the market today. The best of Internet marketing tactics must be deployed to bring in prospective customers to stay in the game.