4 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals Without Feeling Aggressive

4 Easy Ways to Get More Referrals Without Feeling Aggressive 

Many consumers respond negatively towards aggressive marketing approaches as desperate marketers become pushy with their hard sell techniques to close a sale. However, there are many non-pushy ways to gain sales without intimidating the potential business leads. This refers to the popular and effective word of mouth marketing method that could grow the business in leaps and bounds.

Effectiveness of Word of Mouth Marketing

Referrals are widely seen as a major influential marketing factor where another identified source is agreeable to a potential cooperation. Word-of-mouth influence or method accounts for over 90% of new business opportunities for a business.

It is common today to have web consumers seeking out recommendations on social media when they need an opinion before making a critical purchase decision. Professional referrals are highly sought after today in making better decisions and the advanced digital technology does not disappoint. There are many professional experts in every field of social media who can offer the best advice on almost anything to assist others in making better choices.

A proper referral marketing plan is really instrumental in drawing more potential business leads to the brand or company. This marketing approach works to activate loyal fans and customers to rave about the brand or company when they are truly satisfied with the product or service offered.

Many business owners or marketers may feel awkward in requesting for referrals, but the right approach would bring about many benefits for the business. It is necessary for the business owners or marketers to realize the importance of referral marketing or word-of-mouth approach to spread the good word around on the brand or company to win over potential business leads especially those who are sitting on the fence.

When business owners and marketers understand the dynamics of word-of-mouth marketing, it would be easy to deploy the technique easily to enjoy the good rewards. Hence, the right mindset with a proven process is required to be put in place for effective referrals to come about.

4 Dynamic Ways for More Referrals

1) Setting Expectations

Nothing should be taken for granted if great results are to be reaped. Hence, there must be proper expectations set for every targeted referral if the marketer or business owner wishes to achieve their business goals and objectives. A new customer could be challenging without a proper marketing plan. Business owners or marketers need to condition every potential customer to favor them for viable solutions or useful information.

The right expectations set by the business owner or marketer to the target customer would establish a good business link between the two parties where the potential business lead would call upon the business owner or marketer when solutions are required. Good customer relations are crucial to the establishment of the business or brand in the market. This is accomplished through proper customer expectations of the brand or company introduced.

There may be exciting incentives offered to target referrals that could boost higher sales. Potential business leads that are given clear expectations would be assured of the brand or company’s services when results become obvious.

2) Virtual Introduction Request

Effective referrals could come from a bold request for a virtual introduction by a reputed mutual source. A simple email would do to connect the two parties in establishing a relationship that allows future marketing opportunities between the parties.

A virtual introduction request saves time and effort for all parties which create a win-win situation for all. It is an easy task for the third party to make a virtual introduction through an email without taking much time from any party. A reputed source as the virtual introduce is an important element in a virtual introduction request as targeted recipients must respect the introducer before opening up to the business owner or marketer.

The contact information of both potential customer and marketer could be exchanged; the marketer must take the initiative in following up on the virtual introduction email as this is a golden business opportunity to connect with the targeted customer.

3) Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

A referral is best requested from satisfied customers of the brand or company. It is highly effective when the business owner or marketer grabs the opportunity to request for a testimonial from the satisfied customer who is happy with the product, brand or service. The success rate of securing a testimonial from a satisfied customer increases when the referral is requested immediately after servicing the customer.

A testimonial from satisfied customers is highly effective in boosting the brand or company awareness in the market. Many potential business customers trust and believe the testimonials of satisfied customers where the sense of excitement and satisfaction is easily caught on. More sales could be generated when potential business leads are convinced by what other users say about the brand concerning its product or service.

4) Free Gift Incentives

Most consumers love a free gift for whatever reason. It is a ‘feel-good’ marketing approach that their efforts are recognized or appreciated. Hence, if a free gift is offered for any referral, customers are likely to make an effort to execute the task well. When the business owner or marketer makes it worth the consumer’s while for a referral, more customers are likely to be an unofficial brand ambassador.

A free gift could be a simple but useful item that could remind the customer of the brand or company. This includes a gift card or discount on selected product or services. An offer of a referral fee would also be a great incentive for consumers to participate actively in promoting the company or brand.

The company website could include a dynamic referral page which could be easily and quickly downloaded to web consumers’ convenience. A simple invitation could be included to encourage referrals on the brand or company with attractive incentives to motivate different groups of sources.


These are simple yet effective referral approaches that put identified customers and potential business leads at ease to work for the brand or company readily. Referrals have been proven to be highly cost effective in modern marketing today.